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Ongoing Nature Writing Diary (February 2021 - Present)


Negotiating complexity: challenges to implementing community-led Nature-based Solutions in the UK pre- and post-COVID-19

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, with editors.

Nature's Affordances: Challenges and Opportunities

Coping Creatively: Arts, Health and Wellbeing, in press.

An Investigation into the Value of Design in Nature-based Solutions for Health and Wellbeing in a Post-COVID World

Architecture Media Politics Society, 26.1: Environments by Design: Health, Wellbeing and Place, 2022.

I Am Not My Grief

Haus A Rest, Issue 9: Identity, 2021.

Challenging state-led political violence with art-activism:

Focus on borders

Cultures of Violence: Visual Arts and Political ViolenceRoutledge, 2020.

All Punks Hate Bastards: Investigating Punk’s Anti-Police Engagement

Punk Now!! Contemporary Perspectives on Punk, Intellect Publishers, 2020.

Multiple text and visual contributions

Aquí y allá/Here and there, 2020.

Political Gamesmanship

International State Crime Initiative, 2019.

In light of Dunkirk: What have we learned from the (lack of) response in Calais?

Red Pepper, 2017.

Documenting the Ongoing Crisis in Calais

Huffington Post, 2015.

Living Co-operatively: Everyday Dissent

Red Pepper, 2015.

Ever-growing, Ever-changing: Inside the Calais Camp

Red Pepper, 2015.

UKHIP’s Calais Flotilla: Donations & Evictions

Huffington Post, 2015.

Life in the ‘Jungles of Calais’

Huffington Post, 2015.

‘No Comment’ – Two Big Words

STRIKE!, 2015.

Asylum for Refusing to Fight: Charting the Development Towards the Right to Conscientious Objection

The King’s Student Law Review, 2014.

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