title. f*choir

date. current

description. F*Choir is a London-based, all-genders choir led by performance artist and drummer Jenny Moore. We sing about gender, sexuality, freedom and rage. F*Choir has performed across the UK, set up a DIY residency in Catalonia, Spain, and were in-residence at Borealis festival for experimental music, Norway 

Photo Credit: Johanne Karlsrud/Borealis

title. the theresa may singers

date. 2018

description. Building on the success of the previous Unroyal Variety shows, in 2018 The Kate Middleton Choir was transformed into The Theresa May Singers. Article in the guardian here.

title. the kate middleton choir

date. 2016, 2017, 2018

description. Performing at the Hackney Empire and on the Southbank, The Kate Middleton Choir was a fun, tongue-in-cheek performance as part of the sell-out Unroyal Variety Show. Interview with the telegraph here.

title. (bye)byelaws

date. 2018

description. (Bye)byelaws chose humour as a way of conveying the extent to which public space is regulated, and how such regulations are kept open to interpretation, allowing authorities to enforce them in biased ways should they choose.

title. moral panic 

date. 2017

description. Two Italian art-activists were charged with blasphemy as a result of their recent pieces. This film was created to raise awareness of their upcoming court case and the way religious morals are enforced through the court system in Italy.

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