title. miniature worlds

date. 2021

description. While in residence at Proposition Studios, I am developing a series celebrating the intricacies of even the most overlooked elements of the natural world and rendering them otherworldly. Covid-19 has demonstrated that we need to alter our course away from fast-paced capitalist consumption to a much more ecologically minded path. Miniature Worlds supports this ambition through instilling excitement in nature.

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title. reading roger cotterell

date. 2020

description. Following my previous cover (below), I was commissioned to create a second book cover for Counterpress. Publication information here.

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title. art, law, power

date. 2019

description. I was commissioned to create a book cover for a Counterpress publication that spoke to the themes of the issue. Publication information here.


title. peace in the city

date. 2018

description. I participated in an exhibition at no format gallery dedicated to celebrating experiences of the natural world in urban locations.

Peace in the City II.png
Peace in the City I.png

title. samba sisters collective

date. 2018

description. i was commissioned to create a logo for this all-female samba band that conveyed their feminist and political underpinnings.


title. thresemmé

date. 2017

description. This satirical campaign was developed to raise money for Refugee Community Kitchen and Momentum. 'Thresemmé' products were created and sold as Christmas gifts, with all profits going to the chosen organisations.


title. life and death

date. 2017

description. This painting, depicting a 'die in' outside an arms fair, was created for Art the Arms Fair 2017 and featured heavily in promotional materials and media coverage.

Life and Death copy.png

title. free nabeel

date. 2017

description. This design was created as part of the 'free nabeel' campaign, pressuring for the release of Nabeel Rajab, a world-renowned human rights campaigner.

Nabeel T-Shirt.jpg

title. galapagos tortoise

date. 2017

description. This design was created for the Galapagos Conservation Trust.

Tortoise T-Shirt_Amy Corcoran.jpg

title. 12 mirths of mischief (outré collaboration)

date. 2015

description. outré were commissioned to create a series of original pieces for a Christmas exhibition. The 12 Mirths of Mischief is a playful take on the original Christmas rhyme, and the series has been exhibited multiple times.


title. camberwell feast (outré collaboration)

date. 2015

description. outré was invited to take part in the Camberwell Arts Festival, which was themed around ideas of 'feast'. Taking as its startpoint two iconic Camberwell buildings, these tasty illustrations found their way onto lampposts across the area during the Festival period.


title. horse guards charade (outré collaboration)

date. 2015

description. This 'tongue in cheek' series has been displayed as part of numerous exhibitions, and has even been transformed into satirical commemorative mugs!

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Willy & Moss text.png

title. the cycle of life (outré collaboration)

date. 2014

description. Celebrating our love for the natural world and sustainable transport, outré created The Cycle of Life series, which has been exhibited in cycle cafes across London.

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