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Amy F W Corcoran is an artist, writer and researcher whose practice oscillates around human rights, ecology, interspecies dynamics and the more-than-human, and incorporates film, photography, sound and installation.


Amy employs these mediums to produce intimate spaces for reflection and embodied sensory experiences. This forms a more fundamental exploration into catalysing other modes of knowing through creative practices. In the contemporary climate, she understands art to hold power when it opens up much needed empathetic spaces, including those that move beyond the human.


Amy’s practice is partly informed by her PhD, which was based within the International State Crime Initiative (ISCI) at Queen Mary University of London. Her doctoral research investigated relationships between public art interventions and more traditional forms of activism in contemporary migrant-led and migrant solidarity movements. 


Amy has published work in both academic, independent and media publications, primarily centring on creative activism, the policing of protest and her experiences and reflections on the unfolding situation in Calais, France.


She was a core artist and organiser for Art the Arms Fair (2017), which used art to counter the arms trade.